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Quickbooks Analysis Via Qqube!

And they are all at your fingertips, just click on the orange star on your icon bar . This link provides a full of APPs currently available for your QuickBooks! Get money back and save time with transaction entry to boot! Download into QuickBooksyour daily purchases to maintain better control on how, where, and why the purchases were made. Intuit publishes a listing by category of some of the software currently on the market. Transportation Companies choose Prophesy OnDemand for one reason… it simply works for their growing business, giving them more flexibility, making them more efficient, more competitive and improving their bottom line.

  • If you want reports by Farm, make it the top class level; if you want reports by Crop Year, make that the topmost level.
  • Once you define the custom fields in a list you can then add them to certain transactions in QuickBooks, and include them in various reports.
  • Banking, petty cash, balancing, batching and reconciliations.
  • I would suggest you look at a program called PC Mars.
  • If you want to create a new column in the invoice you must add a custom field to the item list.

Also this is my first point for any queries related to power pivot. QQube is the only way to go if extracting data out https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ of QuickBooks. Clients are crying for help with reports written the way they want and having templates to work from.


There are positive side effects to outsourcing your bookkeeping to Real Time Accounting’s bookkeeper’s. All your accounting records and papers are securely stored in .pdf files in an searchable document manager database. So free up valuable office space now dedicated to file cabinets and admin staff for revenue generating activities. This is giant step forward in lowering your administration costs, increasing accessibility and towards a paperless office. You can use Excel, any one of the SAP Crystal Solutions products like Crystal Reports, or any BI / data analysis tool of your choice. Included in the product is an Excel add-in that allows you to drag and drop your information into your spreadsheet for simple data lists, or for use in powerful pivot tables. You can also import data from QuickBooks into QQube and use its analysis tools to generate reports.

Any help getting the exact information that is in the Unbilled section of the Income Tracker into a report would be greatly appreciated. I have been a keynote speaker at the National Association for Professional Saleswomen, and taught business curriculum at local community colleges. My current speaker engagements are Intuit functions, CPA chapters, and the annual Sleeter Group accounting technology conference. Individuals Unlimited access to Lorman’s Learning Library for your personal training and development. Teams & Enterprise Online training solutions to support your employees’ needs and achieve your organization’s goals.

QuickBooks, QB, TurboTax, Proconnect and Mint are registered

As Intuit’s #1 reporting app, Qvinci’s industry-leading solutions empower users with actionable data that leads to increased operational efficiencies, deeper financial insights and greater profits. Update your QuickBooks records locally, and Qbox by CoralTree automatically syncs the update company file to all shared users. Unleash the creativity of your teams to quickly improve any process with a platform that works for everyone. Automate any process in your business to collect, integrate, track, report, and utilize data anywhere. Create custom reports, charts, dashboards and more. QQube consists of a set of tools that extracts raw data from QuickBooks into a Sybase data repository.

By leveraging the D&B brand with free invoice stickers, participants can let their customers know they “report to D&B to better serve the credit community” and get their invoices paid faster. Some companies use this as a competitive advantage, taking the approach of “Do business with me and pay on time, and you’ll also boost your business credit score.” Since tools like Excel 2016, Power BI and Tableau automatically create day, month, year fields), we now provide a singular date field without the need for a date dimension. A report starts out in the form of a question “Who are our most profitable customers?

  • This is a fairly simple implementation of an input mask.
  • Rest assured they’re working nonstop to deliver the best experiences for all QuickBooks users.
  • This way, you can gather the data that you need for the report.
  • And that typically requires selecting a third party tool that synchronizes with QuickBooks.
  • This makes its analysis engine more potent since you’re operating on your entire data set rather than looking at it in a series of numbers.
  • Some data isn’t found in the tables in the SDK, but is available through reports – QQube will extract this data from the QuickBooks reports and will include it where needed.

Normally, custom fields are just 30 characters of text. Enterprise allows you to select one of several “input masks” that can limit the type of text that you can enter in the field. Let’s look at an example of some typical uses of custom fields to illustrate what you can accomplish.

QuickBooks Custom Reports and Analytics – What’s Your Level of Need?

As you can see in the diagram, the layout of the data warehouse is roughly in the shape of a star. The FACT table , is connected to tables called DIMENSIONS (e.g. customer, product, date), which allow you to group and aggregate the data in any number of ways. The QQube technology is based upon the star schema and related data warehousing principles. Microsoft’s Power BI is a strong business intelligence tool. QQube lets you import data from QuickBooks into this tool for insightful and compelling reports. This works seamlessly as the “shells” or underlying programming structures are already set up. You only need to import the data from QuickBooks and create the report.

Can you extract data from QuickBooks?

In your existing QBO account, click the Gear icon and select Export data under Tools. In the Reports tab, select the date range and choose the report from the list. Click Export to Excel. On the Export data page, go to the Lists tab and select Customers, Employees, and Suppliers.

Responsible for primary Bank accounts and ensure they are regularly reviewed and any unallocated balances are proactively investigated and resolved. Manage day to day workload of Cashiering team and ensure all procedures are understood and consistently followed. Updating pension provider each month with regards to contributions. One of the most popular options here is the “User’s multi-choice list”. This allows you to define a list of up to 100 entries that you can choose from.

Sales Pipeline Management

You’ll find “Other” in the Header tab, with “Other 1” and “Other 2” in the Columns tab. I recommend that you don’t use these in most cases. You can only enter 30 characters of information in a custom field. Pref Day is the preferred day of the week that this customer wants deliveries. This is information that should be the same for each invoice for this customer. I have two fields in the invoice header, and two columns in the invoice detail. These are fields that do not normally exist in QuickBooks.

  • Looking at my sample invoice above you can see that there are differences in the value of the custom field between the list and transaction records.
  • Rest assured, our engineering team is aware of this request and are looking for ways to have this in the future.
  • Dashboarding and BI is my passion but lots of the QB community just aren’t there yet.With Power BI they have access to data and visualizations that to this date have only been available to larger entities.
  • Now, on to my tutorial on how to use this program.
  • You then can access this data from Excel or tools like Crystal Reports.

If you’re working for a client, set realistic expectations. The initial configuration, as well as subsequent maintenance and optimization, will be time-consuming.

Results means getting better customer and financial information

ShareFile for the ShareFile for Accountants service, which lets professionals securely collaborate with clients using online portals. Bill.comfor the Bill.com Receivables module, which provides automated invoicing management and electronic payment acceptance. By the way, I’m not certain you’re aware that each line of a sales receipt or invoice can have it’s own class assigned to it.

  • Chuck is the chief architect of QQube, recently reviewed by PC Magazine as the “best self-service business intelligence tool for in-depth analysis of your Intuit QuickBooks files”.
  • Access to this page has been denied because we believe you are using automation tools to browse the website.
  • Together, we’re using leading-edge technologies to equip you with a competitive edge and preserve the success of your organization.
  • I know that pulling your desired report can help you run your business easier.
  • All too often the reports you receive are presented as lots and lots of columns of numbers with profit or loss figures at the bottom.
  • Another advantage for QQube is that it retrieves data in blocks rather than in cells or in rows or columns.

Please note that this is NOT a tutorial article, I’m just going to give you a brief overview so that you can get an idea of how it works. DAVO automates every step of the sales tax process — from collecting to filing to paying. It works seamlessly with your POS, so there’s nothing you need to do. And because DAVO guarantees your taxes will be paid on time and in full, there’s nothing to worry about either. Q2QConnect is an integration tool that connects and moves data bi-directionally between YOUR Quick Base and QuickBooks! It connects Quick Base to QuickBooks Desktop providing end-to-end workflow management without the hassle of double work or costly mistakes when copying data. Points North offers advanced software solutions for Certified Payroll Reporting, Affordable Care Act Tracking and Reporting, and Salary Allocation.

QQube:  Translator for Power Pivot / Power BI Folks Like Us

Clearify is the provider of QQube, a BI and reporting tool for QuickBooks. The solution works with Excel, Power BI, SAP crystal reports, Access, Lumira, and Tableau to generate reports and visualization. Reporting use cases span sales and customer metrics, financial analysis, inventory management, payroll, sales, etc. The firm’s clientele includes Anderson Economic Group, EDC, First Legal Network, Gi Energy, Hayes, Ynot, and Xenon. Originally released by Intuit in 2001, the QuickBooks Desktop SDK was Intuit’s first attempt at exposing QuickBooks Data in a secure consistent manner.

Quickbooks Analysis Via Qqube!

I started with Farmworks in 1993 or there about and used it for years. Early on it was OK but as the program developed it seemed to me that there were bugs that didn’t get fixed. I had used QB for another business and really, really liked it so I decided to switch my farm records to the same program. Time Q +Plus time and attendance badge system eliminates the need to buy, prepare, and calculate employee time cards. The complete package includes Time Q +Plus Software, one grey data collection terminal, one supervisor and 50 employee badges, 50 ft. of cable, and a Quick Start Sheet for easy set-up. The password and permissions for a new employee seems to cause a dilemma for many employers..

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One of the most significant features will be the ability to combine data from multiple QuickBooks company files. You will have to pay an additional fee for this ability . With this option, all data from Quickbooks Analysis Via Qqube! multiple files will be combined into one database. You can use the Company field to filter the data to see information from just one company. This feature will work with Pro, Premier and Enterprise.

How often should you rebuild data QuickBooks?

By running this process frequently (Intuit recommends every week or two), problems can be detected before they impact your productivity. If there are any issues with your file, you will be prompted to rebuild your data file. This is almost as easy as verifying your data!

The company serves clients in different regions such as U.K., U.S., Australia, and Canada. The team at AdvSoft has years of experience handling diverse projects across different industries. The company has a branch office at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania located in the United States. If you want the ability to combine multiple company files into one set of data, you will need to purchase the Multi-Company Addon for $195.00. I don’t have space here to go into all of the details of how the product works. In just a few short days I’ve been able to use this tool to build reports that would take me days to build with the SDK or ODBC. In fact, I’ve built some reports that I wouldn’t have even attempted to build with the SDK.

Connecting to QuickBooks using the Custom Reporting also requires that the QuickBooks client is installed and ready to run; there is no way to connect directly to the server database manager. I’m beginning to think of financial accounting software as a data entry product that will feed into other software. It enforces data integrity and creates reports conforming to GAAP. It is not a management accounting or inventory management tool.

It simply uses an add-in that is free with QQube and gets installed into Excel. This tool handles the otherwise complex tasks of working with relationships and raw table. This Add-In is in fact an MSQuery front end that allows you to use the data queries that underlie the information.

If you would like any help or more information regarding QQube reports, please schedule a free consultation with Exigo Business Solutions and ensure that you are using the right tools to help you grow your business. Even for Microsoft Power BI, you will be turning QuickBooks data into Power BI dashboards in no time at all. I must admit, I don’t think I ever even though what it would take to ascertain the average dollar change per user per QuickBooks document within any given Company file. Of course, the Audit Trail data in QuickBooks is just a tiny fragment of the type of data people want from QuickBooks. And the more data people want, the more likely a solution becomes too complex to use, but not QQube™. He then provided a QQube™ analysis of the QuickBooks Audit trail displayed within an Excel worksheet that greatly enhances the ability to select and filter needed audit data . Create a report or analysis in Excel using the built-in Add-in or start with any one of the 150 advanced examples for Excel PowerPivot, PowerBI, Access, SAP® Crystal Reports, or Tableau.

Quickbooks Analysis Via Qqube!

QuickBooks Pro and Premier editions includes the ability to preclude users from parts of the software. Download our QuickBooks user worksheet that will help you determine if you need additional limitation capabilities. Pc/MRP provides the technology and ease of use to meet these goals for as low as $730 for a single user. Work Orders™ – an innovative QuickBooks® companion program for manufacturers that handle inventory and/or order management. You can specify multiple email addresses separated by commas.

To qualify for the Awesome Add-On honor, technologies must integrate as necessary with common business management systems, such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, BusinessVision, MAS, and Microsoft Dynamics. They must also provide intuitive design, ease-of-use and conformance with appropriate accounting and security standards. Unfortunately, so few people use this feature that we never spent much time embellishing it after creating that feature. It just is what it is, and may leave you wanting more reporting options, though it’s really handy for slicing ‘n dicing your transaction data in different ways. We have been using VNC Free Remote access successfully for several months within our offices.

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