Digital Platform Strategy: Why and How It is Important for Businesses

With growing technology and dependence on machines our interaction with machines is increasing and hence the role of digital media is also increasing in everyone’s life. Every minute there is addition of something new over the digital sources and the user base to explore this information is also on the rise. Digital strategy focuses on using technology to improve business performance, whether that means creating new products or reimagining current processes.

43% of adults get news often from news websites or social media, compared with 49% for television. Pew Research also asked respondents if they got news from a streaming device on their TV – 9% of U.S. adults said that they do so often. In academia, digital media has led to a new form of scholarship, also called digital scholarship, making open access and open science possible thanks to the low cost of distribution.

Embracing digital transformation by empowering your organization to challenge the status quo and experiment without fear of failure is essential for innovation that will allow you to carve out your own niche. OTT stands for “Over The Top ” which refers to any kind of streaming service that transmits content through wireless internet. Usually, over-the-top is named with reference to devices that allow users to easily access media content by going “over” satellite or cable connection or can say without using a cable box. The key difference is users needn’t depend anymore on traditional broadcast providers, after shifting to OTT. Imagine a car company using a AR 3D model of a car for displaying the overall car and its features.

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3D printing, drones, IoT, AI, blockchain and other disruptive technologies are all converging on organizations at the same time and this needs an adaptive and agile approach to integrate these technologies to create new and disruptive capabilities. It, however, needs to be done in an architecturally sound way to maximize the opportunities that this recombination offers to digital transformation. Usability and visual appeal are also driving forces behind digital platforms. Utilizing application programming interfaces can further expand a corporation’s ecosystem with strategic choices for platform usage. Many companies take a technology-first approach when building/assembling their digital platform, acquiring technology they hope will accomplish their objectives of better experiences for customers, employees, and partners. Their power is in enabling a change in how a company operates; that new operating model creates the value.

What is meant by a digital platform

Digital platforms enable you to quickly respond to customer requirements and feedback. For example, say a customer calls your customer service department frustrated by a tech problem with a product. Digital platforms provide reliable recording, monitoring, and forecasting functionality, helping users to identify substandard operating conditions and adjust accordingly.

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If tools are going to be replaced or added, consider their importance in terms of their immediate need to the organization and create an order in which they should be implemented. Investigate whether any tools are underperforming and need to be replaced, upgraded or consolidated. Feedback should be provided by the people who use the specific tool every day. As well as customer communication and data management across the entire ecosystem, are some of the biggest challenges.

To get an overview, OTT technology has enormous potential to gain leverage, especially in non-entertainment sectors, added to worldwide adoption. Being at a high level, over-the-top media services are distributed in an unparalleled way to minimize the impact of such parameters. OTT technology will flexibly adjust to network performance of the entire transmitting chain live, withholding any buffers in between.

  • OTT means you have complete control over your creative content along with the brand, UX, audience analytics, monetization & other archive data during the time of launch.
  • Standardization of the cloud and the newest innovative technologies means the most effective technology stack for workflow optimization and elastic infrastructure.
  • The type of platform used depends on the desired outcome of the digital business.
  • It works well for organizations looking to make their established product smart and connected.
  • To avoid or resolve some of these issues, content creators can voluntarily adopt open, or copyleft licenses or they can release their work to the public domain.
  • Then select the technologies that will support those moments and metrics.

Each gaming platform will adhere to its own set of standards as well as rules and hardware restrictions. For example, developers may need to lower in-game graphics settings if the game engine is too heavy on a specific console’s hardware. Thus, historically, application programs written for one platform would not work on a different platform. Your login credentials do not authorize you to access this content in the selected format. Access to this content in this format requires a current subscription or a prior purchase.

How to map a digital ecosystem

Super platform ecosystems are the most complex type of digital ecosystem. They focus on integrating several platforms into one integrated service, while also capturing user data from the integrated platform. This type of ecosystem provides a wide range of user data and also turns the data into money using adjacent business models. The super platform ecosystem typically has at least 10 million partners across at least 10 different industries.

What is meant by a digital platform

Along with piracy, digital media has contributed to the ability to spread false information or fake news. Due to the widespread use of digital media, fake news can receive more notoriety. Wikipedia uses some of the most common open licenses, Creative Commons licenses, and the GNU Free Documentation License. Open licenses are one aspect of a broad open content movement that advocates for the reduction or removal of copyright restrictions from software, data, and other digital media.

Streamlining and improving the user experience is easier with dynamic web content that supports advertising and provides frictionless interactions. This idea of digital transformation is apt in terms of what it is—but it fails to provide any real guidance on how to achieve digital transformation. Digital platform.The term “digital platform” means an online platform used by the commission to enable city residents to submit, comment on and vote for participatory budgeting proposals. It establishes or influences to a significant de- gree the conditions and remuneration for the exchange. Digital platformmeans any web property, mobile application or other online service.

How do I measure the ROI of a digital investment platform?

HCD is a great method for executing the digital principles of designing with the user and understanding the existing ecosystem. It helps you put the users first and deeply familiarize yourself with their needs and their context before implementation. Moreover, the prototyping that occurs in the Ideation digital platform development services Phase allows you to determine how things need to be shifted or adjusted in order to scale it up. You won’t be asked to do any of the technical work to keep the platform operating smoothly but you will need to put in your own content and tweak aspects of the platform’s setting to suit your organisation.

A digital platform serves as a company’s backbone for operations and customer engagement. Digital platforms cut across traditional organizational structures, silos, policies, and technology investments to enable the new operating model. They force a different organization, a different talent model, a different mindset, and a different set of policies and processes. As the major broadcast networks such as ABC, CBS are prone to become extinct, the need for content is forcing these businesses to reconsider their marketing and delivery strategies. The main TV channel networks aren’t giving up their broadcast streams but likely work to pitch the OTT audience with digital streaming through OTT apps, platforms, and more. Digital media has been proven to provide a very effective means of communication for the businesses and the customers.

For more information on strategies and approaches to ecosystem mapping, check out the online mapping tool ​here​. Imagine if you didn’t have to find the time to send critical client communications. A digital investment platform will offer you some degree of messaging automation so your clients receive the right message at the right time with no manual input needed from your advisors. It’s almost an expectation now that you’ll have some sort of digital investment platform to support your clients. Online piracy has become one of the larger issues that have occurred concerning digital media copyright. The piracy of digital media, such as film and television, directly impacts the copyright party .

What is meant by a digital platform

Even if you’re all based at the same location, the rise in flexible working options makes collaboration features that allow you to work with others remotely and on mobile platforms important. Digital platform businesses have also been structured to avoid being considered “employers.” The insecure nature of most self-employment is evident on a number of grounds. Created more than 1000+ videos and uploaded them to our website, Now we are aware of what is OTT platform is, So planned to enter the market. VPlayed helps you to skyrocket your streaming business to the next level by breaking down the barriers of entertainment, in contrast to traditional television broadcast networking. By distributing & monetizing live content, you can deliver an excellent viewing experience. OTT means you have complete control over your creative content along with the brand, UX, audience analytics, monetization & other archive data during the time of launch.


McAfee and Brynjolfsson use the example of Wazeas a recombination of a location sensor, data transmission device , GPS system, a map, and social network. The team at Waze added machine learning to these existing technologies and now deliver a new digital solution to “…100 million drivers who share real-time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and gas money on their daily commute”. A Digital Business Platform provides the same situational awareness, event response and collaboration from digitization technologies and IoT to business users as Waze does for commuters. These components must be aligned and integrated to create better experiences for users. In order to execute inclusive, secure digital financial services, it is important to design with the user to understand the existing ecosystem and whether there are ways to reuse and improve existing channels for financial services. Most importantly, it is vital to consider privacy & security mechanisms, given the sensitivity of the information being shared and transferred digitally.

Digital Experience Platform

The goal of the map is to clarify what an organization has to work with, guarantee they have the proper tools to support their goals, and ensure they are being as efficient and effective as possible in achieving those goals. Software stacks and some applications are also sometimes referred as digital platforms. A Digital Business TechnologyPlatform, however, differs from a DigitalBusiness Platform. A Digital Business Platform provides a mechanism to recombine the technologies in ways to deliver new business capabilities in innovative and transformative ways.

Importance of Digital Media

Newer web browsers allow third-party plug-ins to be run as part of the browser. Therefore, some browsers are now spoken of as platforms since they are used as a base on which to run other applications’ software programs. The platform conforms to a set of standards that enable software developers to develop software applications for the platform. These same standards allow owners and managers to purchase appropriate applications and hardware.

We can help scope your idea, supporting you every step from inception to launch … Often time the magazine or publisher have a Digital edition which can be referred to an electronic formatted version identical to the print version. There is a huge benefit to the publisher and cost, as half of traditional publishers’ costs come from production, including raw materials, technical processing, and distribution. Therefore, the more partners an ecosystem has, and the more industries they come from, the stronger and more productive the ecosystem will be. The average ecosystem has around 27 partners, but the most successful ecosystems have closer to 40. Take inventory of all applications and systems used within the organizations.

Ensure that it can be conveniently downloaded or accessed from any device, which includes Tablets, Gaming Consoles, Blu-ray players, Smart TVs, etc. Making sure of content available across devices can help you to outreach larger audiences effortlessly. Users are connected directly through the internet, bypassing mobile SMS networks, via over top-based instant messaging services. These services are available from Facebook, Google, Skype, WeChat, and a range of other companies. Most can replace or integrate with text messaging functions on smartphones. OTT solutions integrated into a audio streaming platform can also be used to stream audio.

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